No Waiting Times for Blackpool Hospital to Face

February 20, 2015

No Waiting Times for Blackpool Hospital to FaceLeading floor testing and surveying company Face Consultants were just what the doctor ordered recently, as the multi-storey car park floor at Blackpool Victoria Hospital needed urgent attention

The 1,120 space car-park is split over five levels, and opened in January 2014.  It’s used by visitors and patients, so when Face Consultants were called in to perform a series of accelerated abrasion resistance tests, they needed to complete them accurately and in the quickest time possible.

“It was a challenge” said Duane Scarfe, Operations and Quality Manager at Face Consultants. “The car park was open and in use, and it was important not to close parts of it off for long periods and stop people visiting their loved ones.  We had ten abrasion resistance tests to carry out on each level.  We couldn’t wait around.”

Abrasion resistance tests are important in areas subject to aggressive wear and vehicle wheel movement, such as in car parks, warehouses and on other industrial floors. They ensure that the floor can withstand the heavy day to day impact it has to put up with.

Site Surveyor Dom Hooper went to site, and performed the tests using Face Consultants own designed and purpose built equipment which conforms to the requirements of BS EN 13892-4: 2002.  With minimum disruption, he performed all 50 tests in four days allowing the car park to return to normal service, and his findings were put in to a report that was sent to the contractor in charge of the maintenance of the car park.

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