Design Review

Face Design Engineer

Acting as a fully independent Consultant, Face Consultants can undertake a complete critical review of the Design Engineer’s flooring proposals, evaluating:

Design Service

Measuring Property E

As a specialist civil engineering consultancy, devoted to the design, detailing, construction and functionality of industrial concrete flooring, Face Consultants can provide a comprehensive design service for floors of all types.

Onsite Supervision

Measuring Property F on site

Many of our Clients find value in combining the Design Review with our Pre-Construction and QA / Onsite Supervision Services. This holistic approach offers all stakeholders the reassurance that the slab is designed in full compliance with the Base Specification and, in turn, constructed in full accordance with the design, leaving the End User with a floor built to the highest standard and fit for intended operations.

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Using the latest in DIGITAL

Floor flatness testing equipment including profileographs, DINmeters and F-Speed reader

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