The following FACE testing equipment is available for sale.

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Equipment For Sale

Property II Meter

Property II Meter - For Sale

Property II Meter which tests the floor against the limits of the Property II


DINmeter - For Sale

Tests the floor against the limits of DIN 18202 Specification

F-Speed Reader

F-Speed Reader - For Sale

Checks a floors surface regularity to ASTM E 1155 standard


Transbar - For Sale

Allows you to measure transverse grinding within a defined movement area.

Abrasion Resistance Testing Machine

Abrasion Resistance Testing Machine - For Sale

Testing concrete slab abrasion resistance in accordance with EN 13892-4

More Flatness Testing Equipment

If you would like to see the full range of equipment that we use when testing and surveying floors, some of which is not for sale, please click here.

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