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Face Consultants are world leading experts in the design, surveying and testing of commercial and industrial concrete flooring. Each year Face Consultants are involved with over ten million square metres of warehouse flooring.

We can help improve the efficiency of your operations and reduce stock damage, downtime and maintenance caused by poor surface regularity.

Independent Floor Testing

Face Consultants are an independent testing organisation regarded as the world leaders in the measurement and control of floor profiles.

Using the latest superflat high tolerance floor measuring technology, the FACE Digital Profileograph Floor Profiler or other FACE specialist digital flatness testing equipment that has been designed and developed in-house.

Face Consultants offers rapid, accurate and independent results for the Defined Movement (narrow aisle) and Free Movement (open area) surveys, to any specified international floor flatness standard; TR34, ASTM E1155, ACI Fmin, BS 8204, DIN 15185, DIN 18202, EN 15620 and VDMA.

As part of the global industrial flooring consortium, the CoGri Group, Face Consultants has access to a wealth of experience, knowledge and expertise for all your warehouse / industrial concrete floor requirements.

Flatness Is Important

Read more about why floor flatness affects the efficiency and safety of your warehouse operation and how our floor profilers can help your business improve.

Testing Equipment

As flooring consultants, we not only offer a range of flatness surveying and testing services, we also sell our own floor testing equipment, including the Property II Floor Profiler.

Some of our testing services in action

Face Consultants Floor Surveying and Testing Video

Floors in manufacturing, retail and distribution, where materials handling equipment are free to move in any direction, are measured by Face Consultants, using the latest digital equipment in accordance with the latest measurement standards.

Consultation & Detail Design

For efficient operation of warehouses and distribution centres, floors must be of sound design and high quality construction. Face consultants has unrivalled experience and skills to provide an independent range of design and consultancy services for new and existing warehouse floors.

We advise on the detail design assessing build ability, and reduction in long term maintenance. We will advise on the most appropriate flatness specification and give guidance on the best, most economic construction methods.

With many years experience in warehouse design, we can execute structural, joint layout and specification analysis of an existing plan.

As practising surveyors and engineers, we bring hands on, up-to-date expertise to a problem as opposed to a solely theoretical approach.

Why Choose Us?

  • Reputation – Over 27 years global experience in testing floor profile, performance and durability
  • Innovative – We use the latest floor measuring technology
  • Impartial – Unrivalled experience and skills to provide an independent range of design and consultancy services
  • Knowledge – Part of the CoGri Group, a consortium of international warehouse and industrial floor solution specialists

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Floor Testing Services

Over 27 years experience testing floor profile, performance and durability.

Floor testing services

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