Industrial / Commercial Flooring Services

Flatness Surveying and Testing of Industrial Concrete Floors

With over 30 years experience, Face Consultants are world leaders in flatness surveying & testing of industrial, commercial and retail concrete floors, alongside a wide range of other flooring surfaces.

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Design and Consultancy

Working closely with the Developer, Contractor and End-User, Face Consultants draw on a wealth of knowledge and experience to develop a construction specification from design brief documents and employer’s requirements. With this information, detailed plans and sections are developed to ensure that all aspects of the floor construction are covered.

Floor Flatness Surveying and Testing

Floor flatness covers a wide range of important topics and issues. We have listed some of these, along with specialist solutions offered by Face Consultants.

Flooring Services for G2P Automation

Face Consultants provide essential flooring services for Goods to Person (G2P) Robotics, whether AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robots) or ASRS (Automatic Storage and Retrieval Systems).

Superior Floor Technology

As an independent testing organisation, we specialise in testing concrete floor slabs for flatness, abrasion resistance, slip resistance and more. From an industrial warehouse floor through to a supermarket floor, Face are here to help your business improve.

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Face Consultants Floor Surveying and Testing Services Video

Watch our team in action using the latest digital technology in floor flatness and other specialised testing.

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Using the latest in DIGITAL

Floor flatness testing equipment including profileographs, DINmeters and F-Speed reader

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