A Very Bright Move

May 1, 2015

A Very Bright MoveFace Consultants continued their relationship with Australia’s fastest growing home improvement store recently, when in partnership with CoGri Australia they supplied and installed an ultra light dry shake topping to trial at one of the new stores that recently opened.

The dry shake wasn’t used to provide additional abrasion resistance or to suppress steel fibres as in the norm when applying a topping, but rather to create greater light reflectivity.

“Restrictions on the size of skylights used in distribution centres and similar style buildings means there is a limitation on how much natural light can flood the facility, and concrete in its natural state is by no means the best light conductor” said Glenn Powell, General Manager at Face Consultants PTY. “By adding a very light dry shake onto the wet concrete 3-4mm thick, it creates a very light surface that will bounce light around the store.  This is a great solution which gives it a more vibrant look than traditionally burnished concrete.”

It’s a solution that’s not just great for the home improvement company, but great for the environment too. With less artificial light needed, carbon emissions will be reduced. With the added bonus of consistency in colour and finish across every store across the country, it is sure to be a winner with their customer base.

A Very Bright MoveGlenn added: “The application of dry shake is fraught with challenges, especially lighter dry shakes. Not only does the concrete mix need to be perfect; but delivery, timing and finishing needs to be coordinated precisely. With our expertise, we got each part of the process right, and the results are fantastic.”

Cogri Australia, provided the dry shake, the topping spreader machine and operator along with a finishing instructor to assist the flooring contractor with the application.

It will take approximately 12 months for the floor to fully lighten as the concrete dries out, but the result so far has impressed already, and they’re rolling this out to a second store shortly.

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