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December 8, 2015

Worldwide Quality AssuredFace Consultants are international experts in Industrial floors, and they’re often called upon to oversee floor construction all over the world.

Recently, they were called in to an automotive plant near Setubal, Portugal to perform quality assurance and survey for a new extension that was being built by a well known car manufacturer.

“We need to look at a lot of things when we’re asked to oversee the floor construction” said Dominic Baylis, Senior Surveyor for Face Consultants. “Not only do we need to consider the floor, but also take in to account factors such as the environment, the weather, the equipment being  used and protection to the rest of the building whilst work is going on.”

This particular job saw Dom begin by performing a Sub-Base survey, which ensures that the floor is built at the right level and to the right tolerance. Dom said: “I needed to make sure that the tolerance level +0/-15mm was met, positive readings above zero are not permitted as these will directly affect the thickness of the slab.”  Wet spots, level of final trim and irregularities are looked at, before any work can go ahead.

Dom added: “Then, before I assess things such as joints, reinforcement and the isolation details, I need to check the weather proofing in the building. Is the roof on? Are the doors shut? If there’s no doors, is there temporary protection in place that keeps the elements out?”

But whilst the floor was being constructed, a roofing contractor was busy constructing the roof, using cherry pickers and other materials handling equipment to hamper the floor build.

“We had to be a bit flexible when it came to other contractors being on site!” Dom told us. “It’s not ideal when you’re building a floor and there’s a vehicle in the way helping to put up a roof!  But we work with other contractors who are on site, rather than against them – so despite this being a bit of an obstacle we overcame it soon enough.”

Using a laser screed and topping spreader, the final concrete pour takes place on 11th December, and Dom will return to make sure the floor meets the DIN18202 standard, as requested by the German customer, with the unit being fully operational in early 2016.

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