Face Consultants China Expo 2015 – Show Stoppers!

December 8, 2015

FCC booth-China floor expo (2)Face Consultants China has been showcasing its flooring solutions at the 12th China (Shanghai) International Floor Industry Expo 2015.
Expo 2015 event, held by China Flooring Association, is renowned as the leading flooring event in China. As global flooring experts, Face Consultants exhibited for the first time to promote performance based specification with high quality concrete floors in China.

With the idea of gradually changing the way people thought about the industry, Face Consultants China shared its expertise on the latest design concept, consultancy and up-to-date floor testing method with visitors and exhibitors at the show.

Visitors gathered to discuss common flooring defects in China, and the Face team patiently and expertly explained each question and pointed out that performance based specification and modern design before construction is critical.

Those who came on to the stand were interested in the unique testing methods and equipment brought in by Face Consultants China, as more owners ask for state-of-the-art and on-site flooring testing solutions.

During the three-day show, Face Consultants China was popular with visitors and exhibitors, and gathered significant attention with many quality enquiries.

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