Face Consultants Provide A Range Of Testing Services For A Velodrome

February 1, 2017

Velodrome pull off testFace Consultants, part of the CoGri Group of companies have carried out a range of testing services for an outdoor velodrome on behalf of Carmarthenshire County Council.

The historic outdoor track was first built in 1900, and like other outdoor velodromes in the UK has deteriorated in recent years. Carmarthenshire County Council has since allocated over £500,000 for a new safety surface along with perimeter fencing.

Floor testing of screeds, overlays and coatings is one of our core services and equates to about 30% of our projects,” said Duane Scarfe, Quality & Operations Manager for Face Consultants Ltd

“It’s fantastic to be part of this project, a unique situation for us. We’ve done testing on race tracks and Drag Strips (overseas) as well as the more usual industrial or commercial floor but this is the first outdoor velodrome for us,” said Duane.

Carmarthenshire County Council had prepared five sample materials at the site that required testing.

Abrasion testing at velodromeThe team at Face Consultants carried a number of tests which included: Adhesion (pull off tests) to see how well the coatings were bonded to the substrate, Skid resistance tests, using a Pendulum Skid Tester to assess the skid resistance of the alternate surfaces, Accelerated abrasion resistance tests (AART) to assess the different materials resistance to abrasion. The results of the tests were then sent back to Carmarthenshire County Council who will now make a decision on the safest topping to install.

“It’s great to be part of such a historic project and this one shows how dynamic our testing services are. We wish Carmarthenshire County Council every success with the next phase of this project.” Concluded Duane Scarfe.

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