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August 18, 2015

Testing, Surveying
Plate Bearing Test FT

Face Consultants China have completed a due diligence inspection for a world renowned warehouse and system automation company in East China.
The firm, based in the city of Nanjing, contacted the industrial floor specialists as they wanted to install their systems and machinery in to two warehouses, but needed to make sure their floors were fit for purpose.

“We completed the work in June” said David Shi of Face Consultants China. “The total area of the two units was around 70,000m2, so it was a large warehouse floor inspection to manage.”

Face Consultants needed to perform an As-Built SOG Design Review, and levelness/settlement survey – which included marking a 3m x 3m grid on the floor. The K-value of the soil underneath was needed as well, so four small openings were made on the new floor to allow for a Plate Bearing Test (pictured above) to be performed.

Core Sample
Core Sample

Core samples were then taken from sections across the new floor (left), which were handed over to a local laboratory for strength testing.

Despite having lighting issues in the warehouses, and the vast size of the floors that they had to inspect; the project only took Face Consultants around two weeks to complete.

And with the help of the design team in the Face UK office, a report for the load bearing capacity of the slab was issued to the firm. This allowed the automation company to make a decision on their next steps for the installation of their equipment.

It was another successful result for Face Consultants, who left their client happy with their service.

For more information about due diligence inspection surveys, or other flooring services, contact Face Consultants now on +44 (0) 1484 600090 or email info@face-consultants.com.

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