Fat Chance of Slipping at the Leisure Centre

September 7, 2015

Fat Chance of Slipping at the Leisure CentreFace Consultants want you to stay fit and healthy, so getting injured after a workout is something they were keen on trying to prevent last month.
Slip and Skid resistance tests are performed on surfaces by Face Consultants in accordance with UKSRG Guidelines, BS 7976-2+A1:2013 or BS 13036. They offer the test to a multitude of businesses to assess the floor surface slipperiness in public areas such as offices, receptions, canteens, steps etc; and a Leisure Centre in the North of England contacted the floor solution specialists to investigate a dangerous problem.

“In the changing rooms and shower areas at this leisure centre, they’d told us that the floors had become so slippy, even the anti-slip mats were moving under foot” said Duane Scarfe, Operations and Quality manager.  “There was a potentially nasty accident waiting to happen, and they were in urgent need of fixing the problem.”

When Face Consultants arrived, the Leisure Centre was open, and they had to work whilst customers were finishing their activities and heading for the shower.

“We’re used to work going on around us, but with people wanting to squeeze past us in such a small area, this hampered us a little” Mr Scarfe told us. “So in terms of safety, we set up a very noticeable cordon warning that we were at work, and giving plenty of awareness of where we were. With the floor being slippy, we didn’t want to surprise people who wanted to enter the shower or changing areas and make the hazard under foot even worse.”

They tested the area by using a pendulum slip tester.

So what was causing the slips?

“Body fat” said Duane. “That was a big contributor, and in a place where you go to burn body fat off, you don’t realise it but it builds up on floors over time, along with other contaminants if the cleaning regime isn’t adequate.  We reported this to the Leisure firm once we’d completed our tests, and this gives them the option to look at a more efficient cleaning practice, before replacing more costly floor coverings.”

See Face Consultants Slip Resistance Testing Video or visit our slip resistance testing service page.

Face Consultants offer the slip and skid test in public areas such as hotels, railways station platforms, airport concourses and lots more.  If you want a test at your premises, or to discuss the other floor services that Face Consultants have to offer, contact them on +(0)1484 600090, or email info@face-consultants.com.

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