Face on Film

September 15, 2012

Face on Film - Face Consultants VideoFace Consultants have been quite busy in the last quarter, working on several projects at numerous locations, filming of the FACE Team on-site, application for full membership with the UK Slip Resistance Group (UKSRG) and attending the Resin Flooring Association (FeRFA) Annual General Meeting (AGM) to name but a few.

Duane Scarfe, Operations and Quality Manager of Face Consultants was accepted as a Full Member of the United Kingdom Slip Resistance Group in November. He has been an Associate Member of the UKSRG since he joined in March 2009. As a full member, he is looking forward to playing an active part in the development of new standards, sharing knowledge and expertise and keeping up to date with relevant technology within the Slip Resistance industry.

Photography and filming for the FACE marketing videos continued in East Midlands in September. Working for Stanford Industrial Concrete Flooring Ltd, FACE was able to demonstrate Free Movement surveys, Bespoke Level surveys and Abrasion Resistance Testing on-site. Stanford’s Managing Director Kevin Louch was also present and was able to add valuable testimony to FACE services on the day.

These productions,combined with footage collected from the filming in August at a DC in Milton Keynes, and at FACE HQ in Huddersfield, were used to create the ‘About FACE’ video which is now completed and live on FACE and YouTube websites.

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