The Flattest Floor In Australia?

February 5, 2015

The Flattest Floor In AustraliaGlobal flooring specialists Face Consultants provided expert advice in delivering the flattest floor in Australia last year, as the company looks back on a very impressive 2014.

In what was a challenging task set for them by a large German equipment manufacturer, they were involved in providing two super flat floors to TR34 DM1 specification at their warehouses at Mackay, Queensland and Redcliffe, Perth.

The concrete quality in Perth was poor and inconsistent and this brought big challenges on-site to lay the slabs to the high flatness tolerance.  Laying slabs by the long strip construction method is the only construction technique that guarantees a high flatness tolerance can be achieved, without any remedial grinding. The long strip slabs are laid using manual labour only – no laser screeds are used.

The Flattest Floor In AustraliaFace Consultants duties included supervising the installation of all formed joints and of course at the correct level! When the concrete arrives they supervise the placement, techniques and the correct working sequence of those techniques to get that floor flat, all the time checking the levels. Once the concrete is placed and has begun to ‘go off’ sufficiently it’s then on with the ‘highway straight edge’ before the final power trowelling can begin.

The Mackay, Queensland warehouse was 2108m2 with 6 very narrow aisles of about 40m in length.  In Redcliffe, Western Australia the warehouse was 5000 m2 with 13 very narrow aisles that were around 45m long.

Both facilities were constructed via the long strip construction method with mesh reinforcement placed 50mm from the bottom.  The racking height will be 13m high and Linde fork trucks will all be wired guided.

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