BOT-3000E Tribometer

We can use one of our BOT-3000E Digital Tribometers to check for Static Coefficient of Friction (SCOF) and / or Dynamic Coefficient of Friction (DCOF) of floor surfaces.

BOT-3000E Tribometer


Static Coefficient of Friction (SCOF)

This is the friction force between two objects when neither of the objects are moving. In checking static friction we are, in essence checking the resistance needed to starting moving a foot or object which is against a surface, from a resting position.

Once the foot or object has started moving, Dynamic (or Kinetic) friction takes over.

Dynamic Coefficient of Friction (DCOF)

The force between the surfaces of two objects in contact, at least one of which is moving relative to the other. So in essence this is the force required to keep a foot or object moving across a surface.

Although the BOT–3000E is mainly required for checking slip standards in the United States of America (for example ANSI A137.1 or A326.3), we are also able to use this equipment for other purposes including monitoring floor friction for AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robots) suppliers.

Latest Third Generation Design

BOT-3000E Portable Tribometer Testing Floor

All our fully portable BOT-3000E Digital Tribometers are the latest third generation design. They have been carefully designed to avoid the use of springs, actuators, dials, heavy weights, or other components that can lead to premature wear or mechanical fatigue. It can also export collected test results within a secure pdf file format that includes a numerical input traceability mechanism. The tribometer can measure static coefficient of friction (SCOF) and dynamic coefficient of friction (DCOF), wet or dry. The device is designed primarily for use on common hard- surfaced interior flooring however it has also been used to determine the slip-resistance of other materials such as paints, waxes, and other coatings on flat metal, plastic, wood, laminate, concrete and stone surfaces.

Instant Slip Test Results

Instant print put of results from BOT-3000

The BOT-3000E is a sled type meter, which means that it crawls along the floor under its own power at a constant speed measuring the resistance to slip of a standardized piece of rubber loaded into the bottom of the machine. It performs a test without human input except for the pressing of a button, making it more difficult for the operator to manipulate the results of the test.

The BOT-3000E, also takes photos of the floor in front of itself while running the test and can provide an instant print out of results.

Not Recommended For UK Pedestrian Slip Standards

Please note that, although the BOT-3000E is widely accepted as a valid piece of equipment for carrying out slip risk assessments in the United States, we do not recommend this device for checking to UK pedestrian slip standards, as the UK standards ask for the Pendulum test

Watch Our BOT-3000E in Action

The test is peformed without human input (except for the pressing of a button) making it more difficult for the operator to manipulate the results of the test.

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